Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

So coding the Leader/Clan creation portions of the site were successful. I ran a number of different tests, and tried to break it, and all seems well. With a vast emptiness and only my little clan, and absolutely nothing to do inside my world, I decided it would be good to take some time to finalize a more concrete sketch of some important details. I'm going to start by defining how quickly clans should grow, and how quickly resources should be gathered. I have the following in mind, as base numbers:

  • Clans will grow at a rate of 1 clansmen per hour. This can be modified by the charisma of the leader, as well as technology trees for the clan, so this number can definitely be increased. When a clan is created, it will start out with 10 clansmen.
  • Clans will have an initial cap of 50 clansmen. This will grow in proportion with the level of the leader, as well as various skills.
  • Base resources (iron, wood, stone) may be harvested at a rate of 1 per hour, per clansmen allotted to that resource. If a clan allots 10 clansmen to mining iron, then that clan will be able to mine 10 iron per hour.
  • The base storage for resources will be 250. Every resource may be stockpiled to a maximum of 250 units, until it is increased via skills/attributes.
  • There will also be a limit imposed on how many workers can be harvesting a particular resource. This base limit will be 10 until it is increased via skills/attributes.
  • Clansmen who are not allotted to any resource, will be able to carry out other tasks such as hunting, raiding, etc.
All of these various limits will allow me to pace the rest of the game. For example, by defining the cost of a particular building at 1,000 wood, I can essentially dictate that it will take (1,000 / 10), or 100 hours to build that building. Of course, this is not an exact science because obviously people can trade other resources for wood, and different abilities and skills will allow someone to gain wood at a higher rate than 10 wood per hour. However, this will at least allow me to have some level of control over the pace of the game.

If I can get this system coded into place, I will be able to start working on other parts. I will basically need to start creating some functions that will dictate and control all of the above elements.

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